Enjoy your stay in one of our 7 tranquil villas

Our villas are perfect for a family or groups that want to have their own space. Each Villa includes sleeping rooms with a common area; and with or without a full size small kitchen space.

Villa #1

Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association

The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association Villa offers:

Villa #2

Sarasota County FFA

The Sarasota County FFA Villa was named appropriately after winning a statewide fundraising effort. The villa offers:

Villa #3

FFA Penny Harvest

The FFA Penny Harvest Villa was named in honor of a statewide chapter fund raising campaign. The villa offers:

Villa #4

Bowen Brothers

The Bowen Brothers Villa offers:

Villa #5

Phosphate Industry

The Florida Phosphate Industry Villa offers:

This villa is ideal for small groups seeking their privacy and includes its own fully equipped kitchen. The group can eat, sleep and meet without leaving the building and yet, be surrounded by a panoramic view of beautiful Lake Pierce.

Villa #6

Southeast Milk

The Southeast Milk Villa offers:

Villa #10

H.S. “Chicken” Overstreet

Villa #10, H.S. “Chicken” Overstreet, was built with funds donated by the Overstreet family, is located near the Guest House and offers: