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Florida FFA is pleased to announce the results of the 2012 State Ornamental Horticulture Career Development Event (CDE).  The event was held April 27, 2012 at the University of Florida in Gainesville. 98 teams and individuals from throughout Florida gathered to compete for the top spot. The purpose of the Ornamental Horticulture event is to stimulate careful planning, thorough knowledge and the ability to explain, by work and action, the “how and why” of various horticulture practices. Florida FFA is very appreciative of the support of our event coordinator Dr. Ed Osborne, as well as the students, faculty and staff of the Agricultural Education and Communication department.

As a matter of procedure, event results are considered unofficial for (2) business days following publishing. It is the responsibility of the FFA Advisor to request and review individual team results. Any appeal must be made to the FFA Executive Secretary in writing for necessary adjustments to be made.  At the close of business on the second business day following publishing, results will be official.

Event Results

Placing Division Category Presenter(s) Chapter
1 High School Production Levi Mayo / Megan Snyder Strawberry Crest
2 High School Production Mathew George / Brooke Parrish Trenton
3 High School Production Taylor Brown Avon Park
4 High School Production Braxton Hicks Suwannee
5 High School Production Julia Velez / Cheyenne Welch Marianna
6 High School Production Tori Perkins / Megan Page Haines City
7 High School Production Josh Lamont Matanzas
8 High School Production Haney Byrd / Spencer Maldanado Lake Wales
9 High School Production Evan Shapin Seminole Vo-Ed
10 High School Production Moriah Braswell Taylor
11 High School Production Patrick Thompson / Santiago Bravo Varela
1 High School Marketing JR Trimm Bronson
2 High School Marketing Taralynn Cutlip / Marisa Crowhurst Pine Ridge
3 High School Marketing Megan Stein Sebring
4 High School Marketing Andrews Lozano / Nicolas Lozano Ferguson
5 High School Marketing Lauren Bartholomy / Laia Gore Cedar Key
6 High School Marketing Adrian Dyer / Essy Barrera Strawberry Crest Jr
7 High School Marketing Brett Wasden / Gabe Gelb Bartow
8 High School Marketing Kyle Lee / Jake Maxwell Strawberry Crest
9 High School Marketing Hannah Welch / Jessica Hair Bunnell
10 High School Marketing Cierra Melton / Elli Bamberger Kathleen
1 High School Use Alexa Schelb / Aly Joyner Strawberry Crest
2 High School Use Madison Astin / Sydney Robinson Durant
3 High School Use Taryn Epperson / Sarah Bartholemy Cedar Key
4 High School Use Courtney Trezire / Paul Bebee University
5 High School Use Savanna Fisher Sebring
6 High School Use Susanne Chan / Nicki Castareda Ferguson
7 High School Use Luke Caudill East Ridge
8 High School Use Kelli Jones Chiefland
9 High School Use Sarya Brown Lake Wales
10 High School Use Brittany Cannon / Christa Shiver Ft. Meade
1 High School Artistic Arrange. Tiffany Tucker & Bailey Harrell Durant
2 High School Artistic Arrange. Osmar Torres & Ricardo Garcia Ferguson
3 High School Artistic Arrange. Maddie Lennard
4 High School Artistic Arrange. Katie Bartow
5 High School Artistic Arrange. Waylon & Haley Haines City
6 High School Artistic Arrange. Emily Chipley
7 High School Artistic Arrange. Jemima & Mikayla Cedar Key
8 High School Artistic Arrange. Kaity & Katie Marianna
9 High School Artistic Arrange. Austin Trenton
10 High School Artistic Arrange. Elton & Angie Sebring
11 High School Artistic Arrange. Justyne Pine Ridge
12 High School Artistic Arrange. Andrew Matanzas
1 High School Landscaping Justin Barthle & Josh Duff Haines City
2 High School Landscaping Morgan Gaudens & Lyndsey Killebrew Elton Hinton
3 High School Landscaping Brook Shirah & Danielle Lenz Tenoroc
4 High School Landscaping Hunter Townsend & Grant Wisnewski Forest
5 High School Landscaping Zoe Wallace Steinbrenner
6 High School Landscaping Austin Davis Flagler
7 High School Landscaping Jennifer Swain & Brittany Palmelton Sebring
8 High School Landscaping Cody Grubbs Trenton
1 Middle School Production Spencer Bass & Shallon Martin Weightman
2 Middle School Production Madeline Howerin & Kayleigh Stephans Dundee Ridge
3 Middle School Production Garrett Barr Avon Park  MS
4 Middle School Production Jessica Ivey & Annoe Tolnetina Chiefland
5 Middle School Production Alex Carlisle & Dustin Heisui Clermont
6 Middle School Production Terrah & Tania Henderson Suwannee
7 Middle School Production Courtney Bindorf & Christine Curci Tomlin
8 Middle School Production Cole Hathcock & Delaney Clemons Lake Gibson
9 Middle School Production Bryce Fuller & Dylan Puiol Dunnellon
1 Middle School Marketing Ashlyn Allen & Mackenzie Cedar Key
2 Middle School Marketing Maegan Garner & Kyle Garner Clermont
3 Middle School Marketing Ali Baker & Clay Joyner Tomlin
4 Middle School Marketing Mikayla Mathews & Kami Suwannee
5 Middle School Marketing Kaitin Coatney BOK Academy
6 Middle School Marketing Mikayala Philyaw & Jade Heritage
7 Middle School Marketing Katrina Perkins & Cheryl Thomas Dundee Ridge
8 Middle School Marketing Madison Simcox & Tarra Love Marshall
1 Middle School Use Cassidy Hastings Turkey Creek
2 Middle School Use Nathaniel Brinkman & Taylor Davison Cedar Key
3 Middle School Use Kassidy Landen Trenton
4 Middle School Use Anna Conrad & Tiffany Peace Tomlin
5 Middle School Use Devin Dye & Emily Grant Bartow
6 Middle School Use Carolyn Herrero & Bailey Cook Hinson
7 Middle School Use Cassie Hare & Taylor Yeazel Sebring
8 Middle School Use Katherin & Kaitlyn Byrd Dundee Ridge
9 Middle School Use Morgan Fritze & Chole Cunningham Heritage
10 Middle School Use Bernard Diaz & Manuela Gomez Doral Middle
1 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Colby Hargrove Cottondale
2 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Meredith DeCostillo & Shelby Womble Tomlin
3 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Alexis Paunter & Faith Woodard Tomlin
4 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Dustin Mayo & Garrett Cornell Turkey Creek
5 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Sophia Berdoet & Aliyah Spell Dundee Ridge
6 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Courtney Sapp & Katie Weekly Lake Placid
7 Middle School Artistic Arrange. William Donaghy Lake Asbury
8 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Emily Hallman Chiefland
9 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Matthew Mohammed & Oscar Mendez Kennedy
10 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Cody Elam Taylor
11 Middle School Artistic Arrange. Gabby Sasser & Loraine Bertling Heritage
1 Middle School Landscaping Christine Rowe Trenton
2 Middle School Landscaping Parker Killebrew & Ethan Vaughn Tomlin
3 Middle School Landscaping Brooke Newell & Katie Lopez Dundee Ridge
4 Middle School Landscaping Amber & Grace Weightman
5 Middle School Landscaping Tyler Reed & Kinsey Ward Chiefland
6 Middle School Landscaping Hannah Kruze Clermont
7 Middle School Landscaping Melanie Coto & Marisol Fernandez Kennedy
8 Middle School Landscaping Rebecca & Wesley Bartow
9 Middle School Landscaping Andres & Sebastian Doral


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