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Board of Directors

The Florida Association is led by the direction and policy set by the Florida FFA Board of Directors. The board consists of six agricultural educators (one from each area), the state FFA president, the state FFA Secretary, a representative from the Florida FFA Alumni, a representative from the Florida FFA Foundation, a representative from the Florida Association of Agricultural Educators, and a representative from the University of Florida.

Additionally, the remaining state FFA officers and other stakeholders serve as non-voting consultants to the board.

The terms of office of members of the Florida FFA Board of Directors and the method of selection of such members, other than the ex-officio members, shall be prescribed in the bylaws.

Stan Scurlock

Area I Director

Brian Skipper

Brian Skipper

Area II Director

Amy Davis

Amy Davis

Area III Director

Emilyn Sharpless

Emilyn Sharpless

Area IV Director

Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman

Area V Director

Brian Trimble

Brian Trimble

Area VI Director

Kayelee Ehrisman

State FFA President

Jenna Larson

State FFA Secretary

Doug Register

Florida FFA Alumni

Kaitlin Van Heusen


Hilary Holley

Florida FFA Foundation

Dr. Tre Easterly

University of Florida

Makenleigh Bledsoe

Area I State Vice President

Hunter Sharp

Area II State Vice President

Mackenzie Cunningham

Area III State Vice President

Emma Self

Area IV State Vice President

Spencer Baylor

Area V State Vice President

Staci Sims

Foundation Consultant

Dr. Brian Myers

Foundation Consultant

Farrah Johnson

FAAR Consultant

Amanda Ellis

Amanda Ellis

FAAE Consultant

Frankie Hall

Industry Consultant

Jana Register

Industry Consultant

Archie Matthews

Alumni Consultant

Shirley Carte

Alumni Consultant

Dr. Charlotte Emerson

UF Consultant

Dr. Grady Roberts

UF Consultant

Keitha Bennett

AEST Consultant

Strategic Plan

The FFA experience is valuable to all students, regardless if they do or do not ultimately pursue agricultural careers. FFA members are both prepared to embark on a career in agriculture through opportunities available in eight different career pathways, and they are prepared for career success in another chosen field because the components of the mission become differentiating power skills. FFA members, regardless of future occupation, become informed and supportive consumers, leaders in building their communities and help strengthen agriculture.

Goal 1

Improve communication and engagement with all stakeholder groups.

Goal 2

Secure sufficient recurring funding for Florida FFA.

Goal 3

Develop a staffing plan for Florida FFA.

Goal 4

Increase the engagement and leadership voice of FFA members.


Florida FFA Constitution and Bylaws
Board Meeting Materials
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