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FFA is an integral part of agricultural education. To join FFA, you must be enrolled in an agriculture course at your school. Contact your school counselor or agriculture teacher to enroll in an agricultural education program and join FFA.

Find an FFA Chapter Near You

In some instances, students who do not have an FFA chapter in their schools have been able to join FFA chapters in neighboring school districts. Whether or not you can join an FFA chapter in a neighboring school district is a state and local decision. Use the Chapter Locator to search for an active chapter near you.

FFA Membership Dues

Annual national dues are $7 for active members of which $2 is used to provide a year’s subscription to FFA New Horizons magazine. State dues in Florida are $10 and local chapters may also collect membership dues.

FFA New Horizons

With your FFA membership, you receive four issues of FFA New Horizons , the National FFA Organization’s member magazine. With entertaining and informative feature articles on everything from famous athletes and career spotlights to important FFA news, our award-winning magazine is a great resource for FFA members.

Career Advice, Hands-On Training

Do you know what you want to do after you finish high school? FFA can help you develop your skills and prepare you for that next step.

If you’re uncertain, FFA can help you determine which of agriculture’s 300 exciting career options match your personal interests and skills. Even if you don’t choose a career in agriculture, the skills and training you gain through FFA will lead to success in any industry.


FFA can help you become a leader. Through FFA, members strengthen their personal skills, learn to manage their time and discover how to respect themselves and gain respect from others. Leadership skills are developed throughout the FFA program from a local FFA chapter’s programs of activities; special local, state and national opportunities and experiences; state and national leadership conferences and workshops and career development events.


FFA offers many opportunities for recognition at the local, state and national levels. You can even earn money for school through scholarships. Check out our programs and awards.


In 2015, the National FFA Organization awarded $2.7 million in scholarships designed to fit the diversity of our applicants.

Scholarships are sponsored by businesses and individuals through the National FFA Foundation and are given for a wide variety of experiences, career goals and higher education plans.

Earning Power

How would you like to get paid for learning? Many FFA members start their own businesses or work for an agricultural company in high school. Some FFA members have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time they graduate from college by reinvesting their profits in their business.


To become an active member and retain membership, a student must:

  • While in school, be enrolled in at least one agricultural education course during the school year and/or follow a planned course of study; either course must include a supervised agricultural experience program, the objective of which is preparation for an agricultural career.
  • Show an interest in the affairs of the organization by attending meetings, striving for degrees of membership, and participating in other organized activities of the chapter.
  • Pay all current state and national dues by the date determined by the chapter.
  • Display conduct consistent with the ideals and purposes of the National FFA Organization.
  • A member may retain active membership until November 30 following his or her fourth national FFA convention after graduation from high school. For more information on active membership, take a look at the National Constitution and Bylaws, Article V, Section B.

Quality Chapter Plan & Report

What is the Quality Chapter Plan and Report?

The Florida FFA Quality Chapter Plan and Report is designed to promote the consistent delivery of high quality FFA programming throughout the state focused on premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.  These standards should improve chapter operations consistent with the traditional Program of Activities (POA) and emphasize student, chapter and community development.

Quality standards have been developed in five (5) areas as a minimum requirement for recognition as a bona fide FFA chapter in the state of Florida.  Chapters should plan activities in each of the quality standard areas with an emphasis on measurable results. The FFA mission and strategies should be used as a guide in planning, implementing and assessing accomplishments.

This Quality Chapter Plan and Report will be used, not only as a planning tool, but also as an assessment tool to determine chapter quality status.  FFA Chapters that do not meet the minimum adopted standard, 150 points for High School (Senior) Chapters and 125 points for Middle School and Junior Chapters, for a quality chapter would be allowed to continue, but with limited participation, until minimum standards have been met.  This ‘probation’ status will be evaluated on an annual basis, and chapters will be prohibited from placing and/or winning any Career Development Event (CDE) or chapter award until the minimum quality standards have been met.  In addition, chapters that fall below the minimum quality standards will not be able to seat voting delegates at the annual State FFA Convention.

In order to meet the minimum quality standard each chapter must complete at least one (1) activity or score a minimum of 10 points in each of the standard areas and earn at least 150-Senior Chapter and 125-Junior/Middle School points overall.  No more than five activities in each area will count towards this total.

The Quality Chapter Report will also serve as the Premier Chapter Application.  To be considered a premier chapter, Senior chapters are required to obtain the maximum amount of points in each category for a total of 260 points, as well as complete the additional Partnership Standard.  Junior and Middle school chapters are required to obtain 230 points and must also complete the Partnership Standard to be considered a Premier Chapter.

Completing the Quality Chapter Plan and Report

The Quality Chapter Plan and Report is a two-step process: the Quality Chapter Plan and the Quality Chapter Report.  The Quality Chapter Plan opens in September and is due October 1 each year.  The plan is simply what your chapter hopes to accomplish this school year.  This must be submitted in order for you chapter to be eligible for career developments events.

The Quality Chapter Report opens in April and is due in May each year.  This submission is used as an accomplishment report to highlight all of the activities your chapter has participated in this year.  This submission is use to determine various awards and also to determine if your chapter is eligible to seat delegates.

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