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Starting an agricultural education program

Most importantly, FFA is a part of the teaching program in agricultural education. The first step is to ensure an agricultural education program exists at your school. FFA activities are an outgrowth of the classroom and supervised independent enterprises and projects. It is impossible to have an FFA chapter without a complete agricultural education program.  The Agricultural Education Program consists of three elements:

Classroom instruction is the classroom component carried out in the practical application of instruction in a laboratory, shop, greenhouse, school farm, and/or the extended classroom or field trips.

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is the individual student application of knowledge and skills acquired through the instructional component put to practical use outside the classroom, under the supervision of the agricultural education teacher.

FFA activities require a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory activities, and the supervised agricultural experience programs.  Numerous FFA activities exist which require that students become prepared by study and experience in each of the three phases mentioned.

The close correlation between instruction, activity, and experience makes the program vocational.  The FFA, which is an integral part of each of the program elements, has the unique characteristic of binding them together.  It often serves as a catalyst, advancing the student more rapidly toward the intended objective.  Below you will find 11 steps to establishing a program in your school.

Chartering a FFA Chapter

We’re excited that you are interested in joining thousands of students in Florida wearing the blue corduroy jacket.  After you’ve ensured your school’s ability to offer agricultural education courses, chartering an FFA chapter is easy.

1. Chapter Charter Application
The Chapter Charter Application collects all of the information required to get your chapter started.  The start a chapter, you are required to have the following at the time of application:

  • A list of students on your Agriculture Class Rosters
  • List of Agricultural Education Courses taught at school
  • FFA officers
  • An adopted constitution (see step 2)

2. Chapter Constitution
Each chapter is required to develop and adopt a chapter constitution, which outlines the operations of the FFA chapter.   It is imperative that the constitution is adopted by the members of the FFA chapter and is shared with your school administration.  You will be required to submit a copy of your chapter’s constitution each year.

3. FFA Affiliation Explanation

This year, 2023-2024, the Florida FFA Association has received funding to pay for ALL STUDENTS ENROLLED IN AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION COURSES to become FFA members. This means that we need you to submit your complete class rosters to us and they will be uploaded to the National FFA Roster system.  We want you to be able to participate in all of the exciting opportunities available as soon as possible. Submit your chapter charter application, adopted chapter constitution, and class rosters to Florida FFA for processing.

We will be in touch with you as soon as your charter is approved. Additionally, we’ll send you your account information for the online membership system and add your contact information to our mailing lists. We will also recognize your chapter on stage at the state convention immediately following your submission.

Your turn to make a move.

Start here with the Chapter Charter Application.

Start Here - Chapter Charter Application
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