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Leadership conferences are an opportunity for FFA members to connect with other members, develop their leadership skills, and discover new ways to make the most of their FFA career.

General Policies


The online registration must be completed for each attendee attending the conference, including advisors and chaperons.  Online registration for each conference can be found in the Events section on

Permission Form

Florida FFA requires that each student complete and submit the Florida FFA Permission and Emergency Medical Form for overnight events only. Please bring completed form with you to the conference.  There is no need to mail/fax before the event.  Please note that these forms are not kept on file and a new form is required for each conference.


Fees are non-refundable unless cancellations are made 48 hours in advance to check-in.  All payments are due at time of check-in.  If payment is not received at check-in, a credit card will be necessary to secure conference attendance.

Advisor Attendance

As a matter of policy set by the Board of Directors of the Florida FFA Association, it is required that an advisor or other school district approved representative accompany all students to, from and while attending any Florida FFA event or activity.  In the event that the advisor is unable to attend, a school district representative must be appointed by the school principal or superintendent and permission must be provided in writing to the Florida FFA Association.  In the event that this policy is not followed, the student(s) will not be permitted to attend the event.

If your designated school district representative is another FFA advisor from your county, it is imperative that all parties are aware before arriving at the conference.


Permission Form

What to Expect

  • All FFA conferences require Official Dress.  Students attending overnight conferences will also be required to wear business casual dress throughout the conference.
  • Teacher Professional Development and updates are available at most conferences.
  • Registration fee includes lodging, meals, conference materials and conference t-shirts at select conferences.
  • State FFA Officers or trained facilitators present an approved curriculum to students.
  • Students are roomed four per room and all efforts are made to keep chapters together.
  • Adult single rooms are subject to availability.

Leadership Conferences

Chapter Presidents Conference

Chapter Presidents Conference (CPC) first in a series of training conferences for chapter FFA officers. The conference helps newly elected chapter officers identify their strengths, develop personal growth plans, master speech writing and delivery and develop personal management skills. FFA members should to their FFA Advisor about registering to attend.

Chapter Officer Leadership Training

Chapter Officer Leadership Training (COLT) is the second conference in a training series for chapter FFA officers. Building on the individual skills learned during Chapter President’s Conference, it helps officer teams identify their strengths and weaknesses as a group, and learn advanced interpersonal communication strategies and presentation delivery techniques. FFA members should to their FFA Advisor about registering to attend.

Middle School Conference

Middle School Conference (MSC) is a conference specifically designed to introduce middle school FFA members to opportunities in FFA. The conference helps middle school members discover leadership opportunities, potential career choices in agriculture, and the values of the FFA mission. FFA members should to their FFA Advisor about registering to attend.

State Leadership Summit

State Leadership Summit (SLS) is the final conference in the chapter FFA officer training series. It is advanced leadership training that builds on the first two components of the chapter FFA officer leadership continuum, CPC and COLT. In addition to leadership development, students also begin the initial phase of the state delegate process. FFA members should to their FFA Advisor about registering to attend.

High School Leadership Conference

The High School Leadership Conference (formerly 212/360) will take students full circle in chapter leadership development. The conference will cover every angle for developing action plans for their chapters. Themes for this conference include: Action and Influence. These conferences focus on chapter development. FFA members should to their FFA Advisor about registering to attend.

State Officer Candidate Workshop

State Officer Candidate Workshop – This workshop is not designed to coach a student through the process; however, it is designed to help them understand how the process works, highlight any changes in the process, and also the expectations of state officers. FFA members should to their FFA Advisor about registering to attend.

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