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It’s that time of year!  In just a couple of months, over a thousand of award and degree applications will be mailed to Florida FFA for an chance to recognize an FFA member’s awesome experiences and successes.  Get a head start on your degree, proficiency and other applications today by checking out the tips and reminders below.

  • How do I get to the online award applications?
    Most award applications must be completed online.  An active MyFFA login is required for each student completing applications for proficiency awards, state degrees, American degrees, and star awards.  Awards are still printed and submitted to Florida FFA for judging and approval.  Check out this quick tutorial for step-by-step instructions on accessing the application manager.
  • Where do I submit my application?
    Award applications are to be submitted directly to the Florida FFA Office either by hand delivery or sent through the mail.  Applicants who mail their award applications are encouraged to send them using a method that can be tracked (e.g. UPS) in the case that an issue was to arise.   Applications that are received through email or fax will not be accepted.
  • When is my application due?
    All award application due dates are listed in the “Event/Application Date” of the Florida FFA calendar.  There is a seven calendar-day grace period on award applications unless otherwise noted.  This date is listed in the “Register/Receive By” column of the calendar, and is the date that document should be in the Florida FFA Office (not postmarked).  Applications received after this date may not be accepted.
  • Where can I get help completing my application?
    In addition to several workshops offered throughout the year at conferences, State and National Convention there are numerous online resources available at to help members and advisors prepare for the various award programs.

    • Official FFA Manual
    • Agriscience Fair Handbook
    • National Chapter Award Program Handbook
    • Agriculture Proficiency Award Handbook
    • American FFA Degree Application Guide
  • Anything else I need to know?
    Listed below are some items to keep in mind when completing and submitting award applications:

    • Binding – Applications are to be bound when they are submitted.  Acceptable forms of binding: stapling, spiral binding or three-prong award application folders.  Unacceptable forms of binding: paper clips, three-ring binders.
    • Paper – Applications should be printed on a high quality, matte, white paper. Applications should not be printed on card stock, colored or glossy paper.
    • Printing – Applications should printed single-sided only.
    • Pictures – Any pictures include in an application should be of the highest quality possible and printed in color.
    • Signatures – Applications that are missing signatures will be disqualified.
    • Altered Applications – Applications that have been altered from their original form will be disqualified.
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