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Need help packing for the 87th Florida FFA State Convention & Expo next week? Here’s a packing list and also some tips on how to get the most of your suitcase and FFA convention experience!


  1. Wash clothes and clean your room before you travel. This helps you finds things that you may need like an extra FFA polo or some of your CDE practice materials.  It’s also great because when you get back from convention, you’ve got a nice bed to welcome you home after such an exciting week!
  2. Set out outfits before you pack. Of course, the most important outfit is your FFA Official Dress.  Make sure that you have enough to have a couple of sets, your tie or scarf, and ladies – be sure to bring extra pairs of panty hose.  The FFA Alumni will be selling panty hose and other official dress accessories in the FFA Shopping Mall.
  3. Bring a grocery bag to put your dirty clothes in.
  4. It’s Florida, so it’s probably going to rain. Bring an umbrella to keep you dry whenever you’re not under the covered walkway.

Packing List


  • Official FFA Jacket
  • Official FFA Tie or Scarf
  • Black slacks or black skirts
  • White button up shirts
  • Business casual

Personal Grooming Items

  • Toothbrush
  • Brush/comb
  • Deodorant
  • Flat irons & curling irons


  • Chargers: cell phone, camera, laptop
  • Selfie stick
  • Camera
  • Cell phone (make sure you’re following Florida FFA on everything!)

Other Items

  • Snacks for your room
  • Your favorite pillow
  • A positive attitude!

Be sure to check with your FFA Advisor for any other specifics that you might need to bring.  With just a little preparation and planning, you can ensure your FFA convention trip will be the most incredible experience ever! Are you ready for the revolution?


As always, the safety and well-being of our convention guests is our top priority.  New this year, each student will be required to wear an armband for the duration of the convention.  This armband will not be transferable and must be worn at all times while attending the convention.

In the packet of materials that you receive at onsite convention registration, you will receive an armband voucher for each student.  Each voucher must be exchanged for an armband at the armband kiosk located outside of the main convention area(s).  Due to the potential of long lines prior to a session, it will be important that you distribute the vouchers to your students early and have them fitted for their armband well in advance of their entry into a CDE, a general session, a workshop or the Expo.

ALL convention guests must have a credential to attend ANY part of convention. Guests wishing to watch CDEs or attend sessions, workshops or the Expo must register at the convention registration desk and obtain the proper credential.

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