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Five delegate committees have been appointed for delegates to be a part at the 88th Florida FFA State Convention and Expo this summer.

The delegate committee issues and leadership delegates for each were announced at the 2016 State Leadership Summit.

Evaluation of the Delegate Process – The purpose of this committee is to better the delegate process by helping all members clearly understand their objective and be able to have a stake in our organization, therefore increasing participation and improving the delegate experience.
Extending Brand Awareness to Community Partnerships – The purpose of this committee is to promote a positive image of Florida FFA to business partners, potential and current members, the general public, anti-agriculturalists, and school districts.
Increasing Career and Leadership Development Event Preparation Opportunities – The purpose of this committee is to enhance the quality, availability, diversity, and feasibility of CDE/LDE preparation resources.
Enhancing Communication between the Association and Members – The purpose of this committee is to bridge the disconnect between Florida FFA and our state association including state staff, the board of directors, and state officers.
Enhancing Opportunities for Urban Programs and Members – The purpose of this committee is to provide programs and opportunities to reach a more diverse population within urban areas to increase membership and involvement in the FFA while enhancing agricultural experiences for those members.

What’s next?  Here’s a brief outline of what the leadership delegates will be up to through convention and what happens to the committee’s recommendations:

  • Issue Research Conducted – Leadership Delegates generate questions regarding the issue, including background information, data, impact, etc.
  • Issues Published – Staff publishes issues and supporting information to the Florida FFA Association.
  • Delegate Committee Hearings – FFA Stakeholders are invited to testify on the issue at the State FFA Convention.
  • Delegate Committee Meetings – Voting Delegates take action on issues and make a recommendation to the FFA Board of Directors.
  • Delegate Business Session – Chairperson of each Delegate Committee shares committee report with the general delegate body.  Delegates transact business as necessary at the State FFA Convention.
  • Delegate Recommendations to Board of Directors – Staff presents delegate recommendations to the FFA Board of Directors.

The Role of a State FFA Delegate

Delegates to the State FFA Convention & Expo are charged with representing the interests of FFA members within their district, sub-district or chapter while working to forward the progress of the entire Florida FFA Association.

There are two types of delegates, leadership delegates and convention delegates. Leadership delegates are comprised of those individuals who attend and participate in the annual State Leadership Summit.  The job of a leadership delegate is to facilitate the work of the delegate committees.

Convention delegates represent the remainder of a state association’s delegation. These delegates are responsible for driving the direction of their delegate committee. They serve as the architects of the committee recommendation.

The delegate process is an opportunity for members to direct the work of FFA. It is important for the delegates to maintain focus on serving the best interests of members from every FFA chapter. Since delegates represent each of the 300 chapters in Florida and bring to the process a variety of experiences and perspectives, it can be challenging for members to synthesize these varying viewpoints for the sake of progress. A delegate coordinator will be appointed help facilitate the process and maximize the potential of the delegate

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