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Florida FFA is pleased to announce the results of the 2013 State Ornamental Horticulture Career Development Event (CDE).  The event was held April 26, 2013 at the University of Florida in Gainesville. 102 teams and individuals from throughout Florida gathered to compete for the top spot. The purpose of the OrnamentalHorticulture event is to stimulate careful planning, thorough knowledge and the ability to explain, by work and action, the “how and why” of various horticulture practices. Florida FFA is very appreciative of the support of our event coordinator Dr. Ed Osborne, as well as the students, faculty and staff of the University of Florida Agricultural Education and Communication department.
Event Results:
Placing Division Category Presenter(s) Chapter
1 High School Artistic Arrangement Jamee Townsend / Ashley Modrow Strawberry Crest
2 High School Artistic Arrangement Katie Leonard Bartow
3 High School Artistic Arrangement Lexi Painter / Faith Woodward Lake Gibson
4 High School Artistic Arrangement Cheyanna Clark / Rachel Morris Chipley
5 High School Artistic Arrangement Jordan Johnson Taylor Sr
6 High School Artistic Arrangement Colby Hargrove Cottondale
7 High School Artistic Arrangement Jason Knapczyk Sarasota Riverview
8 High School Artistic Arrangement Megan Sinaly Oakleaf
9 High School Artistic Arrangement Angie Patino / Elton Gargano Sebring
10 High School Artistic Arrangement Katherine Ebert Wildwood
11 High School Artistic Arrangement Katie Weekly Lake Placid
12 High School Artistic Arrangement Katie Lloyd Branford
1 High School Consumer Use Hannah Wilkerson / Scarlett Browning Baker Sr
2 High School Consumer Use Morgan Carlton / Nicole Green Kathleen
3 High School Consumer Use Eve Pendergraft Vanguard
4 High School Consumer Use Libby Patterson / Lauren Estes Chipley
5 High School Consumer Use Lauren B. / Laia Gore Cedar Key
6 High School Consumer Use Haley Brown / Ashley Barnett Braden River
7 High School Consumer Use Caroline Rogers / Tim Schneider Marianna
8 High School Consumer Use Rebecca Keffer / Colin Kirker Palmetto
9 High School Consumer Use Cheyanne Helt / Athena Gonzalez Bunnell
10 High School Consumer Use Shelby Ball / Haley Richardson Avon Park
11 High School Consumer Use Josh Duff / Justin Barthel Haines City
12 High School Consumer Use Ashley Franco / Alessandra C. Varela
1 High School Landscaping Rebecca Knowles Lennard
2 High School Landscaping Kira Telgen / Hunter Glisson Chiefland
3 High School Landscaping Kaity Mayo / Katie Moss Marianna
4 High School Landscaping Sara Humphreys Branford
5 High School Landscaping Megan Snyder / Levi Mayo Strawberry Crest
6 High School Landscaping Alex Hornick / Cassie Hare Sebring
7 High School Landscaping Gilbert Zamora / Veronica Sallisky Mulberry
8 High School Landscaping Kailey Alfaro / Ninozzka Rodriguez Varela
9 High School Landscaping Travis Theige Wildwood
10 High School Landscaping Erica Pace Ridge Community
1 High School Marketing Caylyn Goss Cedar Key Sr.
2 High School Marketing Whitney Mills Chiefland
3 High School Marketing Megan Stein Sebring Sr.
4 High School Marketing Savannah Vida & John Strawberry Crest Jr
5 High School Marketing Dalton Givens & Shannon Gill Strawberry Crest Sr
6 High School Marketing Amanda & Janna South Lake
7 High School Marketing Harley Byrd / Katie Lopez Lake Wales
8 High School Marketing Tyler McAllister / Jake Daniels Marianna
9 High School Marketing Josie Kidney / Allora Deonath Ocala Westport
10 High School Marketing Ashley Meredith / Sadi Y. Kathleen
11 High School Marketing Mary Roy Varela
1 High School Production Spencer Bass / Helena Polansky Wesley Chapel
2 High School Production Abby Marion University
3 High School Production Matthew George / Brooks Parrish Trenton
4 High School Production Caroline Nichols Graceville
5 High School Production Morgan Gaudens / Aly Joyner Strawberry Crest
6 High School Production Brett Wasden / Hunter Westmoreland Bartow
7 High School Production J. R. Trimm Bronson
8 High School Production Kayla Casselli-Bido / Victoria Encalada Varela
9 High School Production Megan Shrenker / Madalyn Daniels Marianna
10 High School Production Taylor Brown Avon Park
Placing Division Category Presenter(s) Chapter
1 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Emilie Lavoie / Nathaniel Brinkman Cedar Key MS
2 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Samantha Rabon Grand Ridge MS
3 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Shelby King Baker Co. MS
4 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Destiny Cox / Alexa Diaz Marshall MS
5 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Noor Pal / Selena Ortega Tomlin MS
6 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Nicolas Sparks / Ray Everett Dundee Ridge MS
7 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Courtney Sapp Lake Placid MS
8 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Claudia Corpo / Niko Corpo Clermont MS
9 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Brooklynn Barefoot / Rebekah Combee Berkley MS
10 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Lindsay Reddick / Jenny Walker Dunnellon MS
11 Middle School Artistic Arrangement Samantha Garcia / Sabrina Garcia Hialeah Gardens MS
1 Middle School Consumer Use Marybeth Stewart / Savannah Kummelman Tomlin MS
2 Middle School Consumer Use Mackenzie Kirkbride / Savannah Howard Cedar Key MS
3 Middle School Consumer Use Katie Harwell / Blair Buchanon Lake Gibson MS
4 Middle School Consumer Use Angeliss Tejeda / Macey Soltis Martinez MS
5 Middle School Consumer Use Cassidy Monroe / Maggie Reaves Suwannee MS
6 Middle School Consumer Use Brenda Pierre / Brittany Whitticar Dundee Ridge MS
7 Middle School Consumer Use Megan / Amy Clermont MS
8 Middle School Consumer Use Morgan Jones Avon Park MS
9 Middle School Consumer Use Soleil Lobato / Abigail Colon Hialeah Gardens MS
10 Middle School Consumer Use Samantha Rabon Grand Ridge MS
11 Middle School Consumer Use Carolyn Herrero / Bailey Cook New Smyrna Beach MS
1 Middle School Landscaping Kendall Gaudens / Reagan Brown Tomlin MS
2 Middle School Landscaping Daniel Asiamah Kennedy MS
3 Middle School Landscaping Ellie Biddle / Kaylee Hart Marshall MS
4 Middle School Landscaping Casey Duffy / Veronica Best Clermont MS
5 Middle School Landscaping Sara Hilliard / Cheyanne Walden Baker County MS
6 Middle School Landscaping Lexi Fletcher / Sarah Beth Lee Suwannee MS
7 Middle School Landscaping Kaitlyn Byrd / Hannah Bell Dundee Ridge MS
8 Middle School Landscaping Kirby LaLonde Lake Gibson MS
1 Middle School Marketing Katelyn Yarborough Tomlin MS
2 Middle School Marketing MeganTodd / Madison Simcox Marshall MS
3 Middle School Marketing Sierra Langford Lake Asbury MS
4 Middle School Marketing Megan / Kyle Garner Clermont MS
5 Middle School Marketing Tania Henderson / Carson Chaunce Suwannee MS
6 Middle School Marketing Briana Foster / Kiara Findley Kennedy MS
7 Middle School Marketing Taylor Dye / Parrish Westmoreland Bartow MS
8 Middle School Marketing Morgan Fritz / Katrina Seylor Heritage MS
9 Middle School Marketing Kayla Kempton / Lexi Ginner Dundee Ridge MS
1 Middle School Production Jessica Twitmyer / Ali Nguyen Weightman MS
2 Middle School Production Caroline Brummer / McKenzie Steele Tomlin MS
3 Middle School Production Hannah Kruse / Kate Hernandez Clermont MS
4 Middle School Production Garrett Barr Avon Park MS
5 Middle School Production Cassie / Kevin Cedar Key MS
6 Middle School Production Christine Rowe Trenton MS
7 Middle School Production Corrie Bell McLaughlin MS
8 Middle School Production Katherine Byrd / Caroline Piniones Dundee Ridge MS
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