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It is hard to believe that in less than thirty days my year of service will be completed. It is also hard to believe that eight years in the FFA has gone by. I can still remember the tingling feeling I got when I won my first sub-district creed speaking competition in the eighth grade. Or the time when my stomach was filled with butterflies as I walked into the arena of my first cow show. I can recall my heart beating with excitement in sync with loud music and my eyes trying to follow the streams of lights, as I attended the first general session of the 83rd annual Florida FFA State Convention and Expo!

I could literally write paragraphs about the memories I’ve have in this organization; I am sure that we all can.  We can recall the emotion, location, and maybe even what we were wearing when we have those pivotal moments.

However, what we often overlook is the people that made it possible. That tingling feeling I got when I won the creed speaking competition was only possible because Mrs. Glenn coached me through hours of practice. I entered the arena to my first cow show with butterflies because my parents drove me to the fair, helped me with loading and unloading tack, and encouraged me to get into that ring.  I also did not realize until this year as a state officer, how much work is done by the state officer team and state staff. There is a lot of time put in to putting on the Florida FFA State Convention. My team has spent countless hours creating and memorizing scripts speeches and ceremonies. Mr. Kevin Kent, Ms. Hannah Huggins, Mr. Ronnie Simmons, our Florida FFA State staff, work from dusk to dawn each year to make state convention the best – so all of those FFA members can have a heart pumping and adrenaline rushing experience like I have had.

Often we forget to give credit where credit is do. We get so wrapped up in the experience that we don’t take time to thank the people who made it possible.

So a big thank you to my family, my advisors, and my teammates. Also a big thank you goes to the Florida FFA state staff for making State Convention the time of my life as well as many other members lives, but also thank you for the work that you do even when it is not convention. Florida FFA is only as great as it is because of how great you are!

Appreciation is the greatest gift you can ever give to someone. As the year is winding down don’t forget to reflect on who has made your year spectacular, then tell them that they have made your year great!

There is somebody who has helped you cultivate your legacy, once we recognize those people who have helped us. Then, we can in turn, help other cultivate there legacies.

Forever and ever blue,

Maegan Meredith
Area 4 State Vice President

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